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Our Story

The kitchen holds immense love, tales, and secrets. Within each recipe lies a profound secret known only to the woman who excels in cooking. Cooking is a passion that never ends inside a woman’s heart.

A success story begins with you.

Everything started in the year 2003

When Haj Anwar Shihada decided to establish a factory for food products, that’s where the story of Al-Ariq began

From the beginning, the vision was clear about the nature, quality, and standard of the products. The manufacturing foundation was based on what our beloved country Syria produces in terms of food for the entire world.

Olive and its oil were initially chosen as a fundamental ingredient for our products due to their blessings and benefits for humans. Over time, new varieties were added to include a diverse range of canned goods.

It was imperative for us to focus on producing the best and healthiest food products with the utmost benefit for humanity

Our mission

Production of everything that benefits your health

The commitment of Al-Ariq to produce everything that is healthy has a long history. In 2003, Al-Ariq began producing its first bottle of pure extra virgin olive oil. Over time, Al-Ariq became one of the most significant producers of pure olive oil in Syria until 2007, becoming the leading exporter of olive oil and olives in all their varieties.

To this day, we remain dedicated to our work, producing everything that is healthy and delicious to meet your daily nutritional needs.

All our products, including olive oil, olives, jams, sauces, pickles, dried fruits, juices, and various canned goods, share the same goal: to provide innovative and high-quality healthy products that meet the expectations of all consumers.

While our focus revolves around people’s food and helping them take care of their health, we never forget everything that helps them live a better life and share it with their loved ones.

Nothing compares.

Someone always cares about your health.

Our Food Policy

The key strategic direction for Al-Ariq is to establish a sustainable and healthy supply chain of vegetables, fruits, water, glass, and plastic. These resources are vital for the continued operation of Al-Ariq, not only from an economic standpoint but also environmentally and socially. As the primary raw materials for Al-Ariq come from nature, it is crucial to protect them by creating and sharing diverse values for the ecosystems and communities in which Al-Ariq operates.

Our Core Values

Nothing is more important than people and nature. As part of this approach, Al-Ariq is working to change the way food and beverages are produced for its main brands, especially by reducing the number of chemical ingredients, proposing organic and non-genetically modified products.

Al-Ariq is also committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, encouraging the circular economy, conserving water, reducing waste, and minimizing carbon emissions.

Our Vision

Taste The Best

In 2020, Al-Ariq unveiled its first company signature: “Taste of Best.”

These words reflect our vision that human health and what is provided to them in terms of food are interconnected. It is an invitation for everyone and all those interested in the preservation of healthy and sound nutrition to join us. This signature serves as a movement aimed at caring for human health, building healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits.


Be a Part of Our Success Story

If you have the right qualifications and a passion for building a healthy food community, we would be delighted for you to join our team. Feel free to reach out and get in touch.

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