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Areeq Food Products Company is an advanced industrial facility established in 2003 in Syria. We manufacture and export the finest food products including olive oil, olive paste, tomato paste, jams, quince, pickles, canned foods, juices, and much more.

The company has been developed to align with the advancements in the food industries in our country and globally. The production lines have also been enhanced to meet the demand in both local and international markets.

شعار شركة العريق للغذائيات والكونسروة والأكلات الجاهزة

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you love and let the food wrestle inside.

Mark Twain

New Products

دوق الصح مع شركة العريق السورية للصناعات الغذائية

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

Bernard Shaw

دوق الصح مع شركة العريق السورية للصناعات الغذائية

Our Recipes

Look for the source of daily cooking inspiration, discover delicious recipes with us, and follow the guidance based on the food you and your family love. Don’t forget that the tastiest dishes come from the finest ingredients.
دوق الصح مع شركة العريق السورية للصناعات الغذائية

If my kitchen were to be judged by just one taste, it would be from pure extra virgin olive oil.

Elie Saab

Green Olive

200 g


400 g

Apple Vinegar

500 ml

Olive Oil

250 ml

Strawberry Jam

430 g

Rose Water

250 ml

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